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Hiyori Mikontora

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Mikontora Hiyori (9th Jun 08 at 9:01pm UTC)
or Hiyori Mikontora
Quote Reply
1. The Alias
2. Name: Tiffany, Xatu, Kagi, and Hiyori are mostly used
3. Age: >.< I ain't tellin'!
4. Years Roleplaying: 5 on June 23rd
6. The Character
8. Name: Hiyori Mikontora/Mikontora Hiyori
9. Age: Really: 198 Seems: 16
10. Species: Vampire
11. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
12. Height: 5'9"
13. Weight: 120lbs
14. Hair: Black she dyes it maroon on occasions
15. Eyes: Black
16. Body: Thin and lithe; allows free movement. Her body is lean and extremely fit although some people believe she is anorexic. This is not the case, she is extremely thin because of her love of fighting. As a samurai black belt in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Judo, Hiyori is a deadly opponent in a fight and admits it openly.
17. Face: Sharp features, small nose and ears. Medium almond eyes.
18. Powers:
Riflessi (Reflexes)-
Boosts reflexes, gives unfair advantage to user during battles.

Desiderio di Morte (Death Wish)-
User sees the persons death and proceeds to kill them the way shown.

Corsa Istante (Instant Travel)-
Allows the user to technically teleport to any location in the world.

Rendermi Il Grido (Make me Cry)-
Shows the opponent the worst scene of their life.

Uccidere la Sua Misericordia di Mostra (Kill Her Showing Mercy)-
Can be used only against males, shows the closest female to them dying.

Ucciderlo Che Mostra la Misericordia (Kill Him Showing Mercy)-
Can be used only against females, shows the closest male to them dying.

Eliminarlo (Take Me Away)-
Teleports any person in the world away.

Mostrarmi Una Barriera (Show me a barrier)-
Gives the user a barrier against an opponent/Creates a large barrier around a battle.

Sparire (Disappear)-
Hiyori's unique ability. If she stabs, punches, hits or anything of the sort to somebody/something, and yells 'Sparire', the opponent will die a slow and painful death.

Vampric Mode/Vampire Mode-
Not really a power per se, more of her turning into a full-fledged vampire at a moment's notice. Hiyori becomes an ultimate killing machine, gaining talon-like daggers for nails and her fangs grow to an astounding 2.5cm (about an inch).
19. Picture: Image
20. History: One hundred ninety eight years ago, in the city of Tokyo, in the year 1810, a baby's cry was heard from a large manor house just outside the city's center. The eldest daughter (child rather), was born to a powerful shougun and his wife, the baby girl's name was Hiyori. However, the shougun wanted a son, so he cursed his daughter. He also had his wife executed for failing to bear a son or for that matter any more children. In the days proceeding her mother's death, Hiyori's father married another woman by order of the emperor. This wife was younger, a mere fifteen years old. Several months after Hiyori's mother's execution, her father's fifteen year old wife realizes she is pregnant. Her father is overjoyed, hoping that she will have a son. Unfortunately, as a fifteen year old, she miscarries and begs her husband to let her try again. This time, as a sixteen year old, and Hiyori being almost two, the powerful shougun accepts his wife and they attempt to have another child. This time, the shougun and his wife are successful, and they have a baby boy. However, the birth was too much for the sixteen year old, and soon enough the shougun's second wife dies. Now that the shougun has a son, the emperor is content and will not have the shougun marry unless he wants to. He does not. Two marriages with a child from each, one a daughter and one a son, he is thankful. Here's the catch, the shougun doesn't want himself to be married, rather, he wants the years until Hiyori's fourteenth birthday to come rather fast. Sure enough, they did. The next twelve years were a blur, and the emperor's heir, a fifteen year old, and Hiyori a fourteen year old, were engaged to be married, however, the heir is a pervert and will not marry Hiyori unless she went to bed with him for three days straight. Hiyori did not want that, so she ran away. She ran far and wide until a large cloaked man stopped her. He asked her if she wanted to be free from the life of a shougun's daughter. Saying yes, she was changed into a vampire. As a vampire, she was instantly accepted into all the rituals. What Hiyori didn't know, was that the vampire that changed her, was a leader of the vampires in the area. So, with every child or adult he blooded, the child/adult would have their own line of nobility in the vampire name. As such, Hiyori would have until she appeared eighteen to marry and get prepared to begin the line of heirs to the vampire nobility. Now, with the clock running out, Hiyori must find another vampire, or human to blood, and produce offspring to fuel the vampire's ways of life.
21. Personality: Hiyori is a bit ADD or ADHD. She has trouble focusing on so many things, so when she does focus on something is unbelievable. However, as one who has ADD or ADHD, Hiyori can spaz and not shut up when she is told. No matter how forceful one is with her, she cannot and will not stop talking especially when she is flustered to her wits’ end. However, when Hiyori is not having an ADD or ADHD moment, she can be levelheaded and make good choices. Despite her age, Hiyori has an unset moral compass and cannot really distinguish right from wrong unless it comes to the lives and rights of vampires. Other than that, Hiyori loves to travel and will do anything that will allow her to move around freely. The one thing that Hiyori really desires is someone’s love. As such, Hiyori is really wanting to move from master to master to overcome her dreadful predicament. Hiyori also has a harsh and perilous side when she is angered and most times her vampire powers come out and help her out in these situations. When she is angry, she will lash out with her talon-like daggers (that she gains), legs and arms anything she can use to seriously injure or kill one with. However, one must do many a great and terrible things to anger Hiyori because she mostly a quiet, calm and secretive individual.
22. Family: Mikontora Kieuseru (younger half-brother), Mikontora Kuroshiro (father), all else dead
23. Alliance: Neutral right now, could go either way in the near future.
24. Roleplaying Example:
25. Anything else?: Kagi smiled. “It does not surprise me that you smell like the garden, I mean, you’re always here, and that is your job; to take care of the garden.” She then realized that they were at the shed that Velte had gotten the baskets and scissors from earlier. She let go of his hand and looked around the shed. So, this was where Velte slept. Kagi had been curious, but she did not want to ask. When he told her not to worry anymore, she nodded. “I won’t try to worry anymore, but it will be hard. I might not worry about myself anymore, but I will worry about you. I mean, you keep sticking up for me, people might start thinking my +anima is the only thing that makes me strong and try to take advantage of me. However, when I’m not going to or from Miss Rose’s school, is it okay if I help you if you need here? Or could I just hang out with you?” When he told her to sleep in his bed of old blankets and an old pillow, she began to argue, but Velte persisted and sat down and leaned on another wall and she nodded laying down and covering up with one of the blankets. When he said that he would be there in case she needed something, Kagi nodded and replied, “I know. I know you will be here.” She smiled, and closed her eyes. She began to drift off into the black hands of sleep.

Kagi jerked awake, feeling as if she was falling. Sitting upright, she looked around. She did not see Velte. She thought that it must have been he was working out in the garden. Sighing she rubbed her eyes and stood up slowly. Her muscles were slightly sore, Kagi came to the conclusion it was probably because of her activity the day before. Heading out of the shed, she looked around. The garden was covered in a light mist and she looked around in awe. She thought the garden was mysterious before, but with the mist, it looked even more unreal. Kagi looked around again, this time looking for Velte. Where was he anyways? She did not want to call his name, otherwise that might wake Lord Alaster and then the hard truth would come to a close. She gave another sigh and walked slowly in the direction towards the mansion, hoping she would see Velte again before she had to go with Miss Rose and go to the school with her.

27. I (Hiyori/Tiffany) hereby agree to follow the rules and such and such.
Aqua Kitsune


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Re: Mikontora Hiyori (10th Jun 08 at 1:57am UTC)Quote Reply
Great you are accepted!

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Re: Mikontora Hiyori (10th Jun 08 at 11:16am UTC)Quote Reply
I was going to say that Aqua...anyways I accept you too, not that I wouldn't. Wait now I'm confusing myself...anyways WELCOME to KYOHAKU HIGH! I didn't make the name...Aqua did...bleck

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