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Zuki Kyohaku


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Zuki Kyohaku (5th Jun 08 at 10:24pm UTC)Quote Reply
The Allias
Name: Mary
Age: Who wants to know <.< >.>
Years Roleplaying: 2-3, myabe 4, idk

The Character

Name: Tsukiyo Mae Kyohaku
Age: 16 (Sophomore at Kyohaku High)
Species: Magi (Witch)
Sexualy Oriantation: Bisexual
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 115 lb
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length
Eyes: Blue
Body: Sort of thin, not too thin and not overweight, just right. A medium sized bossum. Long legs, so is a good runner. She doesn't really stress about her body to much, she has more things to worry about than appearance. ZUki is pretty atheletic, though you would have to be if when you try to do a spell you turn it into a fast animal. She's not thar bad off when it comes to her body.
Face: Zuki has a slim face and pale skin. Her complexion isn't that bad but she worries about it like hell. Her blue eyes contrast in ajust a perfect way with her blonde hair and pale skin. She had a small ski jump nose that looks weird on her face, as it it should be there. Her ears are also small, compared to her head that her brother describes as "freakishly large for a girl her size" though it really isn't. The last thing is her mouth which s rosy and glossy most of the time, but that;s only because she always carries around at least 5 lip glosses, if not more.
Powers: Zuki has all the general witch powers. She can cast reinforements, fix things and use general fighting and healing spells. Zuki can also fly, though it's more of a take off and glide thing. She also has spells that are used for fighting and commanding such as:
Infusco Exuro
This is a fire spell that burns everything in its path, even water. Zuki resites the words Infusco Exuro and points her finger, black fire comes out.

Advoco proeliator preliator
With this spell she summons any warrior from history to fight as her aid.

It makes her opponent become momentarily infatuated with her.

Defendo Signum
This puts up a sheild around Zuki which she uses for protection against tough opponents.

Pictue: Image
History: Zuki was born in the noble Kyohaku family with her three brothers. Her family was the noble mage family and the only noble mages at the time. She and her twin Miko were trained in the arts of the Magi as their two older brothers had been years before. Zuki was a faster learner that her brother and even escalated to the powers of her older brother, 5 years her elders, by the age of ten. She soon exceeded them.

Zuki has gone to school since kindergarten were she focused on both magical and regular studies. She would expiriment with magic and see what she could get away with from her teachers, some of whom where magic themselves.

She kept a record of all the magical beings in town, just for sport. She practiced fighting skills with her brothers every day. One fateful day a battle broke out between herfamily and some sorcerers from the woods. Her brothers dragged her out of the battle and left their parents to fight, as was instructed. Her brother hid her in a vent in the wall while they seperated and hid in others designated areas of their manison. The battle progresses into the room she was in.

Her parents were defeated, their powers sucked out of them right before her eyes and their bodies where discarded. The sorcerers sensed her presence and searched the room but came up cold. They never came back but she swore she would kill them one day.

Personality: WILL COME SOON!

Family:Miko Kyohaku (twin), Kyosei Kyohaku (older brother), Heisekai Kyohaku (older brother)

Alliance: Neutral for now, haven't decided yet

Roleplaying Example: Zuki sighed and walked into her house. "I'm home!" She called. She dropped her school bag onto a chair and proceeded slowly into the back yard just to find her brothers practicing their magic. "Hey," She waved, watching them.

They fought, careful not to harm one another. Though their form was bad the power behind each move was tremendous. "Miko hold your stance, god, you're horrible!" She yelled at him, walking into the 'arena' and taking his place. "Here, watch." She set her stance, bending her knees. "Now watch carefully, this is how you take a guy whose taller and stronger than you down." She waved her finger and small twigs flew at Kyosei. He cringed to block himself and Zuki came in with a variety of kicks and punches.

Anything else?: Noooooooooooo
I (Mary) hereby agree to follow the rules and such and such.

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