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Aqua Kitsune


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Aqua Kitsune (6th Jun 08 at 7:24pm UTC)Quote Reply
The Allias
Age: 14
Years Roleplaying: 2

The Character

Name:Aqua Kitsune
Species: Mermaid
Sexual Oriantation:Bi sexual (more intrested in guys)
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Hair:Aqua's hair is long and brown. Her favorite way to were her hair is in a sporty ponytail.
Eyes: As blue as ice.
Body: Thin and slender up top and thin and slender legs. maintains this shape by working out in the gym. She's not anorexic though, she's not too thin, unlike some people *cough* Zuki *cough* and she has actually figure, curvyness.
Face: Her face is a rounded chin with big soulful eyes. Her nose is a nice size, almost like a pixi nose. Her lips are normal sized and a nice rosy red..
Powers: Can bend and freeze water, and bend ice. She can do healing spells like most mermaids but is still a minor seeing as she just discovered her powers a little while ago. Whenever Aqua touches water any wounds she have will heal, which is an abnormal power for a mermaid.
Her attacks are
Mizu Daragon (water dragon)
this attack send a blast of water shaped like a dragon at her apponent
Aisu Daragon (ice dragon)
This attack creates a dragon that chomps on her apponent with ice. This attack if caught in it can be fatle.
Aisu Tensuu (ice shots)
shoots pointed pices of ice at her target.
Pictue: Image
Personality: Aqua is a clumsy girl with a thirst for knowladge. She is kind and hates to fight, however if need be she will shout and slap other people but thats about it. She has absolutly no friends, considering she is a geak.
History: 9 Years after Aqua was born she lost her family in a fire and she was the only one that survived. Aqua whizzed through school. Always feeling as if she where different, which in turn, she was. She had a good life, she was smart and shy and a bit weird. She didn't have many friends, most people ignored her. This didn't bother Aqua though, she was happy and content with her life as it was, even if she was a young orphan living in the worst part of town.

One day Aqua was walking in the forest, though the forest was forbidden to townsfolf. She came across a strange lake but tripped and fell in! She tryed to swim up but it seemed as something grabbed her foot. Her legs started to stick together and fright filled her mind. Then, even in panic, she realized she could breath! She swan around happily.

After this incident Aqua was brought into a world of destruction and chaos with the fighting of the magical creatures. She tried to stay out of it and started recognizing the supernatural in her very school, which were many. She came upon the facts one day, all nobles were magic. She had heard this while snooping around the city one night, looking for money. She had heard the head of nobles houses speaking of magical things down on Fukyou Blvd. This changed everything. Ecspesially since she was spotted by the younger sister of the head of the Kyohaku house, Tsukiyo Kyohaku.
Family: Has no family they all died in a fire in her house
Roleplaying Example: Aqua fell to the bottom of the lake strugling to get to the surface when she realized that her foot was caught in seawead. She desperatly strugeled to get out with the fealing that her lungs were going to burst. Suddenly there was a bright light and her feet turned in to fins. The first thing Aqua thougt was to get out of there when she relized that she could breath in the water. She started to swim around the lake taking in everything she saw, she also swam with the fish seeing them dart infront of her. With a swish of her tailfin she took off with a bolt. Her body rushed through the water, feeling exilerating through her at top speed. She couldn't believe it, she was a mermaid! Other mermaids joined her and smiled at rthe newcomer. Naiads also joined her, frolicking around in a mischeviosu fashion, she had heard the townspeople where banned from this forest and now she knew why, it was amazing. A rough hand grabbed her wrist. She was wrenched out of the water and looked at the face of a familiar girl, skimming over the water. She was flying! Mermaids breached the surface and scowled at the girl, who scowled back. "She belongs in the town, not in the lake."
Alliance: Good
Anything else?: Not that I am aware

I (Briana) hereby agree to follow the rules and such and such.

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